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Captive insurance companies are insurance companies established with the specific objective of insuring risks emanating from their parent group or groups.

Through the years, traditional insurance has been the primary method for organizations to deal with the financial effects of hazard risk. The simple pooling mechanism of traditional insurance remains one of the most efficient methods of reducing the effects of risk on an organization. However, simple pooling is costly for organizations with good claims history, is not available to cover many types of risks, excludes coverage under many conditions, and does not allow true customization of policies to meet an organization’s specific and unique needs. Importantly , you also lose 100% control of your “risk capital” up front when buying traditional commercial insurance. It is the easiest, least sophisticated, and usually most expensive method of risk management. The administrative costs and profits of traditional insurance are high for companies with well managed risk.

The captive insurance industry emerged to address deficiencies and inefficiencies of traditional pooled insurance programs. Captives are also sophisticated way to build asset reserves with pre-tax dollars to cover self-insured risks whether market policy deductibles and exclusions or any of the many varieties of risk knowingly or unkowingly self-insured.

In recent years, captives have become a significant part of the global insurance landscape primary due to insurance industry experts creating service provider firms that help organizations form and operate their own private insurance company.

Captive insurance company assets are savings set aside to protect third parties against loss and protect the captive from risks that could jeopardize its capacity to remain in business. Ultimately the captive insurance industry is helping protect the public and jobs from risks of loss and damage in a more efficient and broader scope of risk coverage than traditional insurance companies can.

Value and Importance of the Captive Insurance Industry

i.Long-term Control of your Insurance Destiny

ii.Lower Costs

iii.Better Services and Better Management

iv.Insurance Coverage

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