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When shall we start?

When starting a new family, your next exciting moment is having a baby. Like every parent, the most important wish in any pregnancy is for both baby and mother to be healthy. Therefore, you may plan to provide the pretection for the baby as early as 18 weeks in mother’s womb.

The role of a parent comes with innumerable joys and its own share of responsibilities. Right from raising the child from infancy to seeing him/her settle down with their own families –there are umpteen things one needs to take care of. And like every parent, you too, would want to ensure that your child’s every need is taken care of without any compromises. Right from the child’s Life Insurance, medical insurance up to savings for education plan, you will be well prepared when he wants to persue his education of his choice. And even if something unfortunate were to happen to you, you are assured that you will be able to look after your child even when you are not around.

Saving for Child’s Education

What is improtant for your child? A video game or internet social media? It’s his/her education. Nothing is more important than to help the children in your life reach their full potential than a good education. In today’s environment, more and more parents are sending their children to private or international schools from as young as 5 years old which may cost ranging from RM20,000 – RM40,000 per annum. Therafter, their overseas tertiary education need careful planning and considerations. One of the major factors would be the inflation rate and foreign currency fluctuations. Careful planning will involve the hedging of foreign currencies from today with regular savings plan. Paying for it, however, can be very painful if you did not prepare for it.


Speak to our FAR today to learn about the number of vehicles designed to help you prepare for your children’s education.

Education Cost


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