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You go to considerable trouble and expense to identify, interview, and hire great employees for your organization. Therefore, retaining them should also be a top priority. Easier said than done. The most basic question we frequently hear is Where do we start?”

First, recognize that employee turnover is a symptom – not a problem. Turnover (like absenteeism or conflict) is the result of deeper issues that have not been resolved such as low morale, no career path, lack of recognition or poor employee-manager relationships.

Engaging your employees—that is, making sure that they are committed and productive in their work—can benefit you as much as it benefits employees. If you hire the right employees, chances are good they’ll be engaged—committed to your business and happy in their work. But to ensure ongoing engagement, you as an employer must play a major role, particularly when it comes to communication and benefits. Due to rising cost of living, apart from the basic salary, employees may also look thier company employees benefits which could help to ease their burden and give them a sense of long term security.

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